Monday, April 4, 2011

this blog is about to get thrown to the (my) dog(s).

For real, it's like the most exciting part of my life since my 21st birthday last week.

Meeeet my baby, macca.
He's a two year old Australian Shepherd, named for his fellow countryman, Chris McCormack.
Dane and I rescued him from the City of Denton two weeks ago today, and i'm in love.

The unfortunate aspect to rescuing a dog from a city shelter is the part where I pick out the one I love and then they get shipped off to get the manhood chopped off. I pick him up last Wednesday in Prosper and he is awfully spaced out but pretty happy to be home. He was cast off by a divorcee who had no home for this furball.
The vet who performed the procedure didn't give him an e-collar since he was so laid-back and didn't mind his scar. Apparently that was a medically-induced aloofness, when we got home it only took a few minutes to start getting friendly with the new landscaping. I went out and bought pictured e-collar and it lasted about three days. The third day left the cone with duct tape attaching it since Macca ripped off all the clips and gnawed at it mercilessly in my absence. I would probably do the same thing if I had a cone on that made me run into literally everything. Then came the donut.
The donut seemed foolproof. It was bite-resistant, attached to the collar, and inflatable. Aside from the head wounds sustained during the inflation process, the donut was a success for about 4 days. the straps were gone before the infection was. This dog is relentless. At this point, pretty sure the only things he does are destroy self-control devices and sleep, all day.  I gave up on Sunday.
I think the pups is a little happier sans-protection.
And we definitely love all of our new friends.
Maybe except for Rio. We like Rio, but Rio seems a little bit jealous of all the attention.
And by a little jealous, we mean completely consumed with jealousy.

We're starting to move behaviorally beyond the standard sleep, pee, eat, drink cycle and today we added an attempt at fetching with cousin elephant.

We tried. We're too smart for fetch apparently.

I think we're gonna get along just fine, buddy.

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